Children's classes

All children's classes include two try out classes for free. For the try out classes please enroll normally. If you wish to cancel after the try out classes, the cancellation has to be done by sending us a message before the third class. 

If your child participates in two different classes, the second class will be 50% off. In that case, please contact us and we will send you a new invoice with the discount.

Teaching will be in Finnish.

Autumn season starts on 19.8.2024.
Advance enrollment is open for old members during 20.5.-30.5.

Enrollment for new members starts on Monday 3.6. at 10.00.

We are changing our enrollment system from Hoika to MyClub. All autumn season enrollments will be done in MyClub. All members have received an email with a link to activate your account in MyClub before the enrollment starts. If you are already using myClub for some other club, sign in with the same username. If you are new to myClub, register a new account. 

Note! The activation link too myClub is valid only for 48 hours. You can ask for a new link here.

When enrolling to children’s classes, please be careful and choose the right group according to the year of

Prices autumn 2024 - Children

Membership fee 2024
(In addition to class fees)
40 min                         105€
55 min 115€
Aesthetic group gymnastics 2 x vko
Perhoset, Aurinkoiset, Pisarat

Family class: 1 child + adult 

+ second / third child

(Adults participating family class pay membership fee 20€)





Class descriptions

Acrobatic gymnastics (Akrobatiavoimistelu)
Basic skills of acrobatic gymnastics. Fun and versitile, suitable for everybody.

Adventure class (Seikkailujumppa)
Versatile and fun class full of imagination while learning basic motor skills. Every class is its own little adventure.

Parkour, frontflips, gymnastics and strength training in a fun and relaxed athmosphere, suitable for everybody.

Gymnastics (Voimistelukoulu)
In gymnastics class children learn basic motor skills and practice the basics of gymnastics through play and imagination. 

Basics of gymnastics, tricks and parkour in a fun and relaxed athmosphere, suitable for everybody. 

Showdance (Showtanssi)
Basics of show dancing in an inspiring and fun atmosphere. The class includes techniques, choreographies, strength and mobility excercises and combines different styles of dance (jazz, modern, street, disco).

Basics of aesthetic group gymnastics: mobility, coordination, balance etc. 

Street-/showdance (Street-/Showtanssi)
Basics of show and street dancing in an inspiring and fun atmosphere. The class includes techniques, choreographies and strength and mobility excercises.

Trick gymnastics (Temppujumppa)
A class full of different tricks, stunts and acrobatics skills such as somersaults, cartwheels, hand stands etc.