Season info


Autumn season info will be updated soon.


Spring season starts on Monday 9.1.2023 and ands on Friday 5.5.2023 / Sunday 14.5.2023 (more detailed info at the bottom of the page). 

Please make sure that your contact information is up to date in the enrollment system. We inform all the groups via email. Unfortunately sometimes the emails go to junk mail so please check your junk mail folder once in a while.


See instructions for all the entrances here.

We recommend to check the entrance beforehand. Many of the schools are so-called "Omavalvonta-schools" which means that there is no doorkeeper at the school. It is very important that the doors will be kept closed and locked during the classes. The instructors will open the doors before the class. Please note that any objects, e.g. rocks or sticks, are not allowed to leave between the doors to keep them open.


  • Arrive in time
  • Small children should use the toilet before the class
  • Children can bring a water bottle with their name on it. Under school year children leave the bottle in the dressing room, please don’t bring it to the class. Children can drink water before the class and after the class.
  • Please leave all jewelry at home. Long hair should be on a ponytail (e.g.)
  • Children can be barefoot or wear gymnastics slippers
  • Any kind of comfortable clothes that are easy to move with are good
  • Please inform the teachers, if there is something they should know about your child. It is not necessary to inform the teachers when being absent.
  • The children are not insured by Tapiolan Voimistelijat


For individual classes no enrollment needed (except for Pilates). After paying the season fee or buying tickets you can participate any class you wish. If you use tickets, at the beginning of every class give one ticket to the instructor. The tickets will be send to your home after ordering. If you wish to participate the classes before they arrive, feel free to do so and next time, give two tickets to the instructor.

Please bring your own gym mat.

All changes and substitutes will be updated here.

We inform about all changes also via email and at our WhatsApp group which you can join if you wish. 


When sick or with any symptoms you should stay home. 

Wash your hands carefully before entering and leaving the classes. Parents make sure that children wash their hands. 

If your childs gets sick during the class, we will contact you to come pick up your child.


All classes will be cancelled and everybody must exit the building in case of a blackout.

  • Make sure you / your child has warm clothes in case they have to wait outside for someone to pick them up
  • Toilets should not be flushed
  • Do not use the elevators


Spring season starts on Monday 9.1.2023 and ands on Friday 5.5.2023 / Sunday 14.5.2023 

Tapiolan school is closed 7.3.-4.4.2023. See changes to adults' classes here.

Classes will not be held:

  • Winter holiday 20.-26.2.
  • Easter 6.-10.4.
  • May day 30.4.-1.5.

Spring season ends on Friday 5.5.:

  • Kilonpuiston koulu
  • Taavinkylän koulu
  • Vindängens skola
  • Westendinpuiston koulu

Spring season ends on Sunday 14.5.:

  • Haukilahden monitoimitalo
  • Leppävaaran nuorisotila
  • Mankkaan koulu
  • Mankkanpuron koulu
  • Perkkaan koulu
  • Pohjois-Tapiolan koulu
  • Tapiolan koulu
  • Toppelundin koulu
  • Niittykummun koulu

Changes possible.